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List of films considered the worst

After weeding out the nominees that did not adhere to Rule No. Some Like It Hot Everybody knows that Marilyn Monroe was gorgeous, but people don't give her enough credit for her comedy chops — and they're brilliantly showcased here. All right!

Anchorman It really shouldn't work. Looks like it paid off for the ZAZ team to kill so many of their babies — comedy like this is a seriously tough business.

Four weddings and a funeral

Buy now from Amazon 5. It is also known for starring a very young Pia Zadora. In between, Blazing Saddles manages to be both crazily scattershot and impressively focused, madly meta but also sweetly traditional. Buy now from Amazon 6. But I loved it.

50 most stupid films/tv shows (not in a specific order)

Jerry LewisRowan Atkinsonthis has never been bettered, a perfect comedy meandering along despite the lack of anything stuipd a real plot. Buy now from Amazon 3. Katharine Hepburn is a Philadelphia society beauty, Cary Grant her roguish ex-husband and Jimmy Stewart the celebrity hack with an inadvertent hand in getting them back together again.

The film famously came into being when Eric Idle flippantly announced at a press conference that their next project would be called 'Jesus Christ: Lust For Glory'. Things like story come secondary to the banter between the barbers and their customers. Almost, but not quite. Saek-jeuk-shi-gong-ssi-zeun-too () min | Comedy, Drama, Romance.

The jokes have spawned a filmms student imitators, from claims that "it's just a flesh wound" to Gallic insults to knights who say "ni" and demand shrubberies to elaborate discursions on the appropriate base for a system of government. My sister and I used to go to a film class where we studied films and dissected them. PO stands for Public Opinion. After all, how many films can claim a scene that works both forwards and backwards on the Swedish bookstore and lasts for exactly 88 seconds?

When we were making The Office, around the same time this film came out, we also played a lot on discomfort and awkwardness, and I think they did that really well in this film. It's not tough to see why: an assured parody of World War II spy movies, Elvis Presley musicals and a welter of other topics, it sees American rocker Nick Rivers Val Kilmershowing serious deadpan comic chops becoming involved in the French German? Only this one.

Saekjeuk shigong () 96 min | Comedy, Romance.

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These are those stipid. The film was still funnier. The film was criticized for its oddity and poor special effects. Therefore, following these three rules is a solid, efficient way to determine whether a movie is Good Bad: Enjoyment of the movie must be derived from its badness. Fox were horrified when the finished product was delivered, but cheered up when it was a hit.

Where to stream it: Netflix The Princess Bride Some movies are so quotable you can spout their famous lines without even seeing them. Zucker, Abrams and Zucker were ruthless with their magnum opus, playing numerous rough cuts of the film to college audiences and excising anything that didn't get a big laugh.

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Gawker Media 's io9 proclaimed the film to be "the absolute nadir of pornography, period. Probably not. The sound of inflated egos whistling as the air quickly escapes permeates this memorable comedy, which showcases Steve MartinChevy Chase and Martin Short. 21 Jump Street (). And earn ten trivia points from the Burning Bush if you knew that this film was co-written by composer Randy Newman.

Z flms name under which it was lampooned on Mystery Science Theater Just remember: Never go into town.

If Zellweger can pull off the filmz, so can you! That may sound like the setup for a joke, but the result is an undeniably warm, big-tent, everyone-is-welcome kind of movie. He was subversive. It should, in other words, involve elaborate fake-outs that convince a town to rally around you while you enjoy fine meals, tourist sights, baseball games and parades in the big city.

The 50 best good bad movies

Stpid you need to watch something — anything — to get your mind off the events of the past week, and the four years to come. National Lampoon's Animal House Beer is chugged and togas donned for the college party movie to end them all. The Hair tells the story of a middle-aged man that becomes deeply involved with the affairs and criminal connections of a mysterious girl. Buy now from Amazon 7.

A semi- autobiographical quasi- documentary about transvestismGlen or Glenda starred and was directed by Ed Wood. The specifics of what happens to him are never explained some guff about a voodoo curse was thankfully droppedand his time in limbo is up to individual interpretation: Ramis said it's anything from ten years to 10, Whether you're a clown or a curmudgeon, there's guaranteed to be something here to tickle your ribs. Upon release, it received very negative reviews.

They even turned Sigourney Weaver into a terrifying ridged black beast, something even the Alien franchise never quite managed.

Gil Shefler of The Jewish Daily Forward described it as "perfectly awful", offering that it "probably is the worst Israeli movie ever made, and a serious candidate for the worst movie of all time". These days though, it has to be said that the presence of O.

Often imitated cf. Originally written for Marlon BrandoThe Guardian called the choice of Wayne for Khan "one of the worst casting decisions of all time".

Sarah millican

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan Bringing the second of his three popular personalities from Da Ali G Show to the big screen, opinion-splitting comedian Sacha Baron Cohen scored a hugely-successful flms with this lengthily-titled opus. It is ultimately a simple and sweetly straightforward story-within-a-story, and fundamentally very old-fashioned.

It sees Groucho as Rufus T. It's a smart examination of rich and poor from a time when the gap was widening, and it's hilarious to boot. Adam McKay and Will Ferrell's rambling, surreal and dementedly illogical film doesn't sound on paper like it would have such a consistently high hit rate for its gags, but astute work on both sides of the camera see to that.