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So if your Tuesday is boring so far why not spicy it up a bit and invite me over for your mboobsage. I won't post a public picture but will send one if you would like later. If this describes your feelings and celebritiess would like to write about it.

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And she was, and still is, a sex symbol.

Here’s what 21 celebs smell like, according to people who’ve basked in their presence

By EMMA GRITT. Stars Insider. The comments are colorful but not very kind. Stinky stars. However, some actors take their roles, and the preparation for their roles, too seriously.

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Moreover, because of this, the kissing scenes would be shot using a body double. She also reportedly eats meals in bed and doesn't wear deodorant. As for deodorant? Facebook. 04/​03/19 | StarsInsider. Not shaving?

Robert pattinson said he's been told that that he smells like a crayon.

Plus, when you consider her hectic schedule, it only makes sense that she's in need of some major caffeine boosts! Haha Smwlly always think of her now when I smell it. I smell like a cabernet. Speaking on BBC Radio 1, Kesha proudly stated that she smells like a hobo, despite her claim that she showers up to four times a day. 13th September Who knew that Brad was so vain? Did he complain of her bad breath then too or was he too smitten with Jolie to say a word?

Khloe and Scott Disick eventually told her how ce,ebrities she smelled in a 'Kourtney and Kim take Miami' episode. So, is it just her natural scent?

© Getty Images. The reason?

As well, according to a former bodyguard, Julia rarely shaves remember that film premiere celerbities ago when she had her stubbly armpits on display? Celebrities are no exception although in their case they should consider having mints handy, especially during shooting. McConaughey said he doesn't like to smell like something or someone else.

Twitter. Teller apparently found it very difficult to kiss Woodley because her breath smelled absolutely atrocious. When he gets lazy, he likes to clean himself with baby wipes!

What is that smell? 21 celebrities with terrible personal hygiene

Because when not one but two costars say your mouth smells rancid, you might want to take the hint! On the other hand, news surfaced that Disick kicked her out of their rented villa because of her smell. It is worth noting that the wmelly starred in two films together, which involved numerous kissing scenes. However, despite her amazing acting skills, it seems that her leading men tend to be reluctant to kiss her onset.

However, it turns out that Jolie is another celebrity whose breath smells kind of celevrities. But it gets even grosser: he reportedly wears the same jeans every day! When we think of celebrities, we often imagine them jetting to the Take a look and see if any of these smelly citizens of the Hollywood set.

Jennifer lawrence

Comment As you might expect, the life of a celebrity can become pretty hectic and demanding. And she doesn't wear deodorant, so you can cflebrities how that goes.

Stinky stars: celebs with bad personal hygiene. It is said that when Jason Bateman and Aniston were filming a kissing scene for the movie The Baster, Bateman stopped the scene and asked Aniston to have a mint before they their kissing. Apparently, when Jolie and the actor Brad Pitt were still together, he often made fun of her bad breath which is funny because he also smelled bad!

13 celebrities who struggle with hygiene.

When filthy rich stars are actually filthy

Take the actor Matthew McConaugheyfor example. The result?

She has also confessed that she has bad breath. Including, of course, the person we've all been wondering about, Post Malone.

What 12 of your favorite celebrities supposedly smell like

When Lawrence starred in the Hunger Games alongside Liam Hemsworth she apparently ate smelly foods on purpose. In fact, her husband, Jionni LaValle, would constantly tease her about it. Reportedly, the 'Twilight' cast and crew suffered a lot with his smell. Definitely stinky. The actor Ben Affleck is just one of the many celebrities in Hollywood that suffers from bad breath. In addition to her rare showers, Julia stays with the hippie life by abstaining from deodorant, a personal tidbit she shared with Oprah.

During filming of The Tourist with Angelina Jolie, the actress was not a fan of locking lips with Johnny because of his chain-smoking ways! Whatsapp. However, earlier this year, a BBC reporter actually told her she needed to take a shower.

A smelly example of her healthy habits extended to her use of Chinese dirt supplements, which she chowed down on during filming of the flick, The Spectacular Now. Nonetheless, celebrities appear like celebritkes can do it all. What does he smell like?

CELEBRITY Celebrities. He smells, you know, like Ivory soap, and I would sniff him, you know, anytime. And I did a smellyy with people around town and the consensus is that I don't smell. This is none other than the eldest sister, Kourtney Kardashian.

Celebrihies Malone Source: Getty There are at least a few thre on reddit with people speculating on what the heavily tattooed rap artist smells like.