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Secretary sex stories

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Librarian at RPL You were working today. Any ladies wanna fuck. I'd like to find you whoever you are. M4w I saw you coming in to Vero cafe secretarry and was rather very impressed with how you looked.

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The hand that suddenly tightened around my hair confirmed this.

He smirked again as I unbuckled his pants and found storifs full on erection waiting for me. Read this sexy boss sex story in a grand hotel arranged by my boss to keep my job. As there was noone in the office to keep an eye on me, I decided to take a few minutes rest.

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Today, like most days he walked in and greeted me. My permanent secretary was a reasonably good looker and I had tried to entice her a couple of times into a bit of fun but she always said she. She was 35 levels up in. See you Friday.

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He held my face in his hands, silently thinking for a long minute. All this was being done as my tongue massaged her clit which was a like a match head sticking out of its little sheath. She had her hands on the desk behind her and had pulled her legs up to give me even better access to her cunt. She said nothing but got down on the floor on all fours, and got under the table to retrieve it. His view would be excellent if he had bothered to stay.

My mouth hung open a bit in delight as I smiled back at him. Then she said I think you liked that — there is a lot more to follow and she pulled her dress up. Jack was standing in front of me. She used to see me in a shy manner every time. The harder I sucked on her clit swx intensity of her orgasm also grew and she was grunting and groaning as the overpowering feeling of her orgasm consumed her.

Office sex

He thrust into me roughly, but rhythmically. We laid there for a moment before he spoke. I said tsories time any place. We worked together and giving her pleasure and for 10 minutes we both thoroughly enjoyed the giving and receiving that we were both engaged in.

I felt his muscles tense up at the same time as mine. Hot secretary bangs a confident, muscular intern, Jade slumped back in her chair and swivelled around to gaze out of her office window. The next thing I knew she was between my legs and feeling my crotch and I pushed my chair back and she was looking up at me and smiled — and said nothing but was still feeling for my now rising cock in my pants. But d her professional life at day.

She used her hand to stoies me as she used her lips to rub me up and obviously I was not the first guy she had done this too and whoever she had done it with before had trained her well. Sally and I kept our arrangements going on and off privately as she also shared herself with another girl and I became one of a trio. It was so relaxing to think about Jack doing this, ztories perfect. As I was doing this she had undone her blouse and slipped her bra off and she was massaging her own nipples.

She had told me secretaryy long after secretarh came to work for me that she had been unhappy in love and had lost a couple of boyfriends and she was getting a bit depressed. Sitting behind his desk made me feel powerful. I put my other hand that was not engaged in her cunt up and tweaked one of her hard little nipples. He lifted the small amount of material covering my butt and entered me from behind.

I got a glimpse of this as I sucked on her and fingered her gently.

Office / teacher

I made it obvious I had seen them and said she storries a couple of nice little apples there. She made sure she never spilt a drop and sucked and swallowed every drop the poured out of my body into her mouth. She had no pants on and I could see the moisture glistening from between the lips of her vagina. I was completely in lust with him, with his dark hair and eyes, his broad shoulders, with the way he talked about struggling to fit into his new lifestyle sdx he still felt like a kid from a working class family playing pretend.

It was there she started her secret sex affair.

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I wanted her to have a threesome but she always said — no. I said how about Friday night — we could make a weekend of it if you like.

The sex story about how a sex-starved secretary seduces her boss by giving him a blow job in office. His knowing smile elicited a familiar tug between my legs that floated up through my stomach. Once more without a word she felt for my zip secreary began to tug it down.

Tonight my boss finally bent me over his desk

Still saying nothing I helped her and I also undid my belt and opened the front to my trousers and revealed my bulging cock in secretzry underpants. Every night she would come to my place or I would go to hers and we would fuck and suck for hours at a time. Every morning I would get myself ready for work — find a dress that looked professional but also clung nicely to my curves, apply makeup, curl my hair, and spritz a small amount of slightly too sexy for work fragrance on the nape of my neck.

She lifted her sez up and opened her cunt wider to give me better access to her musky scent and taste. She has the reputation amongst the other staff as a prick storiew.

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She also had a beautifully manicured strip of hair just above her slit. Learn more about Thought Catalog and our writers on our about. A few months ago my secretary took two weeks off and her replacement came from sec Department. He was smirking. I screamed in surprise and he chuckled. The she said I cumming — I cumming and her body began to shiver and shake as a girl does when she cums.