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Prison bitch stories I Search Couples

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Prison bitch stories

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I am a prison bitch now gay

Something I don't know if I'll ever forgive myself for. There was a guy about his age. I was hoping for some down and dirty, gritty prison sex turns love story, or not, and this one sounded like it fit the bill. Let me say I believe there are different levels or kinds of rape in prison.

Tales of a prison bitch

Men have sex with other men. He'd drive him crazy with lust. The government acts as if a "man" is supposed to come right out and boldly say "I've been raped. Power, control, revenge, seem to top the "reasons" for rape.

He gave his cut to the mob and the rest was his. Just keep me safe!

He was living​. It was a fast read, though probably almost too. He was now prisoner Subscribe We are completely emasculated. He had beautiful girls following him around.

He kept his head down, and at more than one occasion he felt a hand reach for his crotch but Travis let out some fowl language and shoved them back. He claimed me as his property and I didnt dispute it. Aidan stood in the center of the room, a small desk was to his right, across from the bed. This went on for 9 years. If an incident can be covered it will be. His suggests that far from being a paradise, prison for gay men can be a living hell.

See a problem?

When I first came to prison, I had no idea what to expect. He shoved me and then yanked on the leash several times in the course of escorting me to my cell.

It was another thirty days before an attorney was able to force the DOC to transfer me to another prison. SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "Prison Bitch".

Now I dont know why but I refused I said please dont so he hits me 3 times in my face and upper body I come down off the top bunk to try and defend my self but before I have a chance he pulls out a knife on me! I dont know what I'll do if Im charged cause I'll have to plea bargin I'd be to scared to take it to trial for fear of losing.

Life can be sweet until you fuck up. But I took his own knife and I defended my self.

I said, "No, I'm trying to sleep. He deep throated the big cock and squeezed his balls lightly. Third and by far the most common is what I'll call using a persons fears of his situation to convince him to submit to sex.

Free erotic stories

That all changed after about six months when Jacob stabbed another inmate and was sent to another jail. His thin arms hung by his sides and he glanced at the door nervously, stlries no inmates would walk by. I think it is. I get in anymore shit I can kiss my parole good bye. Life was going great for Michael Brand. He was extremely tight which further excited Gerard.

The first-time sucking cock was more like an adventure. The doctors here in the prison say "quote" major depression multiple neurotic symptoms, marked by excessive fear, unrelenting worry and debilitating anxiety.

There's guys who murder in this place and they want to get into fights. The cold concrete 9 by 12 room was anything but inviting. Index · New · Best · Add a Story · Pay-Per-View.

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Read I am a Prison Bitch Now Gay - Free Sex Story on! One such reason is the insecure, weak inmate nitch on another weaker inmate, to make an impression of toughness or ruthlessness that he hopes will discourage other inmates from doing the same thing to him. The main reason why sexual assaults occur is because prison officials and staff promote them. He usually preys on young white. Self-esteem is a valuable commodity, in this environment, since a pronounced lack of it is a common factor among lrison.

It was time to go back inside.