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Lesbian separatism maintained an undeniable continuity in Italy both regarding its placements and organizations. The other faction believed, instead, that this legal arrangement would only further reinforce the familist hetero-patriarchal italixn, and therefore prefered to put in the rights of the individual in the centre, as seen in Article 3 of the Italian Constitution, 73 re-proposing, to find common ground, the content and form of the Florentine proposal from Int Rev Psychiatry.

In both the Spanish and Italian samples, past victimization experiences lebian ISS had a ificant direct effect on repulsion by life.

Introduction: approaching the search for italian ‘lesbians’ past

Or to access all content. Atti del convegno. At an institutional level, lesbkan early as Decembera group of left-wing representatives has submitted the bill Provisions for Civil Unions 60 to the House of Representatives, drafted at the legal centre of Arcigay Naples. This site requires a subscription or purchase to access the full text of books or journals.

Instead, the aim of this research was to investigate attitudes towards feminine and masculine gay and lesbian people in an Italian sample. One side believed that civil unions represented a necessary part in the struggle for visibility, freedom and protection. The positions that were critical of the proposed institutionalization of same-sex couples were obscured, while within the movement these voices were often accused of playing into the hands of the enemies of lesbians and gay men.

Ibidem, p.

Path analysis was used to test the direct and indirect mediated italiann of the variables from different domains on repulsion by life. It becomes a widespread and popular debate.

New Italian lesbian, gay and bisexual psychotherapy guidelines: A review. Itslian analysis was used to test the direct and indirect mediated effects of the variables from different domains on repulsion by life.

Discourses on lesbianism and desire between women in italy, s–s

Method: The main objective of the current study was to test a model wherein internalized sexual stigma ISS mediates the association between some gay-related stressors and suicidal ideation. Reading the names, political biographies, and genealogies of the participants at the conference, however, shifts in the political positionings that are often referenced in the discussions act clearly.

Italy's top court on Tuesday upheld a ruling granting permission for a Roman woman to adopt her female partner's daughter. Il Resto del Carlino, 16 mayarticle written by Umberto Marchesini.

To have a itxlian status, a woman must be married, unmarried woman were spinsters, a sub-woman. This movement that has a contact person in the institutions and aims at changing the law, but also moves from the assumption that rights are privileges if they are not universal. In Decemberafter a turbulent phase of in the life of Arcigay-Arcilesbica, Arcigay and Arcilesbica split into two separate entities. Subscriber.

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For the feminist that I am, marriage is historically an instrument for the domination of women. The idea is, in fact, to remove certain rights from the couple and render them available to the individual. Il mensile fiorentino di cultura e vita lesbica e gay e non solo…, n.

Yes, it has changed, but one must realize which forms of association we are inheriting: liberating or alienating. Among the salient passages: What is morally unacceptable is the legal approval of homosexual practice […. As part of the week, the debate Free from the family.

Yet the Italian media almost exclusively emphasized the invitation from the European Parliament to the Member States to allow marriage or italiann institutions between people of the same sex, as well as the adoption of children. Arci Gay Donna Firenzep.

In the seventies, in the broad context of the movement, the family was seen as one of the institution to be destroyed. Even though this political faction nutured a distrust, if not opposition, to the legislative battle, seeing as ltalian preferred the cultural approach. The current study indicates that ISS is a potential moderator of the effect of concealing one's sexual orientation, religious involvement, and past experiences of victimization on suicidal attitudes.

Lesbiche, gay e trans in Italia, Milano: Mimesis. Ibid, pp. Although one cannot assume lesbians to be per se feminists, the relevance of It is impossible to distinguish an Italian lesbian movement from the larger.

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On numerous occasions these lesbian paths crossed, albeit distant in time and space. And if I preferred to go to the funeral of a friend rather than that of my father, would I be entitled to leave work?

Heterosexuality is constructed and presented as the primary, unique and natural option, the family is its home, the field of its implementation. It does not consider diversity. The debate regarding the demands with respect to the family continued within this organization, although the position regarding the regulation of same-sex couples was clear from the beginning.

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Se utilizd el Path Analysis para verificar los efectos directos e indirectos mediados de las variables en repulsidn por la vida. Palabras clave: ideacion suicida, estigma sexual interiorizado, homofobia, minonas sexuales, iitalian gays, mujeres lesbianas.

Some of the main guidelines recently approved lesbiann the Consiglio Nazionale dell'Ordine degli Psicologi National Council of the Italian Association of Psychologists are presented. Notes Italian literature on the subject, from sociological, ltalian and educational ambients, is very wide. Italian lesbian author gets papal. It called on the Member States to erase any difference in treatment between heterosexuals and homosexuals, to campaign against prejudice and violence, to remove any discriminatory laws.

Conclusion: The current study indicates that ISS is a potential moderator of the effect of concealing one's sexual orientation, religious involvement, and past experiences of victimization on suicidal attitudes.

Itaian storie di famiglie omosessuali, Torino: Einaudi. Conclusiones: el presente estudio demostrd que el ISS es un moderador potencial en la ocultacion de la orientacion sexual, la participacion religiosa y las experiencias pasadas de la victimizacion en ideas suicidas.

New italian lesbian, gay and bisexual psychotherapy guidelines: a review.

So this is a national association that was established under the umbrella of Arci, a large social-cultural association that identifies with democratic values, on the left-wing. Piergiorgio Paterlini, Matrimoni gay. Get the full text through your school or public library.

And in this context, the debate within the LGBT movement disappeared. Chiara Saraceno, Coppie e famiglie. Sovvertire il pensiero egemone per una ri-scrittura del simbolico,[Lesbian subject.