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Ho chi minh nightlife I Ready Sex

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Ho chi minh nightlife

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If you want to enjoy great music while drinking a cold bottle of Bud or any local beer then Fox Beer Lounge is a place nigjtlife you to hang out with especially with friends.

It is the place to see the young and beautiful of Saigon, dressed to impress and not afraid to spend a little cash. Nihtlife hostess bars mentioned above particularly The Office and Voodoo are also popular.

What to do at night in ho chi minh

Well, Ho Chi Minh nightlife has more to offer you and one of those is there Saigon Opera House in where we can enjoy the beautiful colonial building which can be found in the center of the city. Sit back with a cocktail and soak up the stunning view of Ho Chi Minh City from sunset until the early hours of morning.

If you are going for a romantic cruise, remember to dress sophisticated. In many of these clubs, you must buy a bottle minimum to enter, for instance A.

2. skyloft by glow

The 5-star hotels and casinos bars have a fair share nightlite lady companions as well Maxim's, Catwalk, Caravelle, etc. It is also within the same building with Glow nightclub so it is not hard to miss. They serve beer, spirits and cocktails and the food is of great quality ranging from Asian to Mediterranean to exotic yes, they offer crocodile and emu dish if your taste is adventurous.

Backpackers, expats and prostitutes rock the dancefloor of this rather old-style club. The place is quite new and it has attracted a lot of patrons since its opening in Several of the best hotels in Ho Chi Minh have casinos within so you can hit the roulette table, play some mah-jong or get lucky on the nightlie machines. Crawl Saigon Night Club.

A city fully loaded with tantalizing tourist destination that is undeniable enjoyed by the backpackers, travelers and even the local residences of the city. Cocktails at a Rooftop Bar · Get Lucky at a Casino · Beer Hoi on Pham Ngu Lao · Live Music Bars · Lush Nightclub · Dinner Cruise down the Saigon River · Ben Thanh. The ambience is also very lovable in where you can enjoy chilling out while savouring the moment with your loved ones, some friends, or even with a complete stranger in the place.

It is packed almost every day of the week starting 9pm. You will also find top notch karaoke rooms in most of the Vietnamese clubs listed above and in all the casinos.

Nightlife of ho chi minh city: 17 things to do in hcmc at night

Vietnamese drive recklessly but the traffic at night is quite easy to manage. When visiting the exquisite city of Ho Chi Minh, the scenes we can find there do really varies with which district we are; District 1 do offers a party style theme in where there are rooftop bars, swanky nightclubs, high rolling casinos and even smooth jazz bands that stays open mminh in the morning or even later.

Those can be girlfriends, mistresses or hostesses rarely the wife.

In particular, always follow the rules and show respect to the bouncers. You can probably drink in any nightclub at any age provided you have enough money. I would advise to remain discreet and careful though as a situation can go from good to bad in a few seconds only. The area is lacking in stylish nightclubs, but more than makes up for it with its exotic vibe.

Be careful as the price can be quite expensive. During Fridays and Sundays, this nightclub have some of the best DJs in town while during Saturdays, Lush is full of foreigners and locals for its International funky house theme. Conclusion I tried to make this review of Saigon's nightlife as long and detailed as ,inh. Because of their great location and affordable price, it is without a doubt that Guru Sports Bar mminh one of the favorite local venues for sports fan and non-sports fan alike.

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Cruise down the Saigon River A Dinner Date, cruising down the Saigon river in a boat, accompanied by some light jazz musicians playing in the background and a traditional Vietnamese dance in addition to a sumptuous spread of both Vietnamese and Western foods serves as a romantic escape from the busy streets of the city. The venue is kitted it out in an industrial chic style, with space to dance and an upstairs area with ample seating. This stunning facade of curved window frames and statues do performs a variety of shows which ranges from ballet, live theater, musical concerts, and Vietnamese traditional dance that would surely entertain you.

The concept of mingling and blending with strangers on a dance floor is foreign to them.

They usually have a band from the Philippines singing Top 40 and famous songs. Located at Nguyen Trung Ngan, Quan 1 this is a popular place among the young crowd. There are many cheap restaurants here too and several nightclubs if you want to hit the dance floor later in the night. In all these places, the women are interested to meet foreigners.

Best current area for nightlife ho chi minh? - ho chi minh city forum

Usual miinh are locals and yuppies and you can rarely see college students or younger patrons. It is similar in style with Apocalypse, only smaller and with twice as many prostitutes and backpackers. Girls who aren't mlnh of getting fat will get free beer until midnight. For those who enjoy the fine arts will find an evening of operas, ballet, Vietnamese traditional dances and plays waiting for them at the Opera House. › blog › ho-chi-minh-city-nightlife.

It can be difficult to get a table there if you are not a regular and if you are only spending a little money.


If you want to get laid with girls in Ho Chi Minh for free, check out this article. Inside the opera house the culturally inclined are able to witness the best of the fine arts that visit Vietnam seasonally, and although there is no consistent performances, events are common. Drinks are fairly priced and if you are on the hunt for a young, local Vietnamese girl this could be a good place to start.

You could also rent a motorbike for your night out for aroundper day go to Bui Vien's backpacker district to do so.

Apart from the sports commentator playing on the background they also have a DJ playing techno music. There are 4 in Saigon. Well, Ho Chi Minh is what you are looking for because the city do offers a lot of rooftop bar that ranges from colonial charm settings to the chic and modern style one that would definitely suit your mood.

Since the information nihhtlife on this report will most likely evolve, your help in keeping it updated will be much appreciated. Dress as comfortable as you can as you'll have to walk quite a bit. In general, they chii open to meeting foreigners but those who don't speak English will be shy to start a conversation. If you have no charm, no patience and no luck, you might be tempted to pay for sex. If you are feeling up to a good wager, you can try your luck at some roulette, mah-jongg or the slot machine.

You will also notice that many Vietnamese girls are still living with their parents if they are not married yet. Go out and party the night away!

Ho chi minh nightlife guide

Find out where to get sex in Hanoi or noghtlife to meet girls in Da Nang. They have a Cuban and Vietnamese band. Kids in nightclubs are a common sight in HCMC Police Raids: As drug use seems pretty common in some clubs, the police raids them from time to time. Prices are hiked by quite a lot and so bargaining to bring down prices may be a good idea.