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Dogging wife stories

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When your friend was paying for everything you had the baby. If you like what you see hit me up asap and I can send more pics. I would also like to improve my Spanish. Likes to dance, take walks, best conversationlist, and likes life and people.

Name: Cheri
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After a quick look at the map we were off, the nervous tension was obvious as we rode the short trip in silence.

Dogging stories

So I have a problem. We were the second car to arrive, the first one being Pete and Cheryl's, like last week.

Claire looked over to me and the others, her eyes wide with wonder at the sight of these guys unashamedly jerking their cocks in front of everyone. - In part one of this story​, I described how my name is Craig, and my wife, Faye, and I. When the first jet of cum landed across each of her mounds, Anna arched her back as her own orgasm took over her body. Mark is gonna fuck all three of us! Waiting until storiess husband arrived home and taking a large buff envelope I knocked at her door.

It quickly became too much for me as I watched my beautiful wife, legs spread in some strangers car rubbing herself off as the stranger stroked his cock inches from her swollen tits.

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Two more guys popped their lo at this but carried on aife. At this point, I had to stop jerking myself. She fell back on the filthy make shift bed exhausted, degraded and abused. I got home from work and walked in the front door. It was her picking me and she could obviously tell I was up for it. I now wanted to fuck her but this was not going to happen in the front seat. tsories

Dogging the neighbour’s wife

Come on, Babe, what do you say? Big-Breasted MILF Caught Dogging by Husband - Part 2. wifewas too much so I took her dogging To say my wife is a dirty filth slut would be a gross understatement. Without being told she took it straight in her mouth. After a few minutes the guy who had talked to me when I was having a pee came over to us. She told me that I could be the last one to fuck her so I moved round and was greeted with a pussy oozing cum, her ass cheeks caked in cum, and cum running down her thighs.

It is dusk and I can see a light burning through the front window. The guy then got out of his car and started to stroke his cock, waiting for Anna to get in place. None of them lasted more than a few minutes and all had shot their lo before the guy in her mouth. Now, you come and sit ere pretty one. Considering the fact that we were booked into the hotel for another night, and that we had another dogging site nearby, perhaps I could take her out again.

The girls were really getting down to it now. Having already cum once I was in no hurry and the feel of her cunt made me want to prolong it as long as possible. She caressed her firm ass cheeks and kissed them tentatively, making Jill moan quietly. She pointed to her face and he instinctively knew what she wanted.

I checked out some reviews of the dogging locations and discounted a few very quickly. As she did so I lifted her short skirt making sure our peeping Tom got a good view of her shaven mound. If you've had your own dogging encounter, planned or spontaneous, share your experiences by adding your story dogglng for others to enjoy.

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Anna dogigng her head up and off his cock and stroked it a few times before sinking her head back down his length. By now there was quite a crowd around the car and she realised it would take ages like this to make all the guys cum. I got out the car and walked behind some bushes to have a nervous pee.

It had been a long time fantasy for my hot wife, Anna and I. I love read dogging stories and watched several internet movies of dirty wives and. I asked her if watching the other couple had been a dovging turn on as she was so wet and she said yes. The guy licking her pussy continued until she shuddered and rose, asked her lie on the back seat and then started to stroke his cock over her pussy lips.

A fantasy of my wife going dogging

Two or three slipped off quietly, no doubt to return to work or their own wives. Claire nodded and both of them approached us. We stood at a distance to be able to see everything but not get in the way. She looked at my crotch and said storie it seemed to have definitely turned me on. My wife saw him and started to suck his cock back to life.

Now she was standing on my doorstep. He was stroking his erection and looking at my wife asked her if she was also here to play.

Her make up was real tarty with thick black mascara and bright red lipstick. Of course they all wanted to fuck her arse and by the time they were finished it was dripping as much as her cunt.

I told her I needed a pee so had pulled off to find a tree. There must have been some kind of network as I saw several guys on their phones after taking some photos of course and soon after dogginf cars turned up meaning just as we thought the last guy had cum more turned up.

Dogging tales - we took the plunge

He seemed a little better dressed than his friend and a whole lot cleaner. My naughty wife wanted to give a stranger a stroies job! I wanted to humiliate and degrade this bitch and by the xtories I was through she was going to be my complete fuck slut. I played my ace. I took a long, thorough shower once Claire had finished her bath, selected my newest boxers and grabbed a handful of condoms.

I felt the convulsions of her cum and she let out an almighty shriek, almost sobbing with the intensity of it. We had our dinner early and then went back to the room to get ready.