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Cuckoldress stories

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Please respond with a photo and some info (age, location) and be alone.

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Oh God it was cum!

I became more the mistress in our home. The guy pulled out of her pussy and slapped her ass as the cum dripped from between her legs and off storiex his cock. It was as if he he saw it properly for the first time.

What was i to say!!! That night, we went to bed and instead of letting him fuck me I pushed his head down between my legs. I wanted sex again.

Though I was very worried that he would react badly, I confessed that I went on a date that night. I watched transfixed as my husband accepted things.

He wanted to accept things. It showed Leon how superior I was to my husband.

7 hot and heavy cuckolding stories that will put you in the mood

I smelled of Leon, I know that I did. His ability in bed exercised me, it extended and exhausted me.

Goddess quickly dismissed me, "go do that washing up loser, and make a good job of it" Standing there at the sink Goddess came behind me and laughing slapped my arse "its going red cuc,oldress, I better do the other side to balance it out. Then there would be all hell to play. So here I am.

She mumbled at times, but Neil insisted how helpful she was. Tiny white material with be of thick, rich semen attached. Fetishes are normal and everyone has their own unique tastes.

The venus cuckoldress podcast

I directed everything to do with Ellie, rose in authority over Margaret his mother, who came around doting to help out. I felt a thrill of arrogance, using him, wasting his spunk over his hairy belly that way. Read cuckoldress - Free Sex Story on! Neil needed to accept that Leon was my lover and he needed to accept our disposal on the matter. His concern and sstories.


They do not typically enjoy the humiliating aspects listed above. She had reserved her intimacy for me alone all these years and it feels crazy to watch her getting naked and having her genitals violated. He wanted to talk about Leon and what he and I shared. I think that its usually a series of coded and cuckoldrees conversations.

I suppose that we both knew why I looked posh. To put it simply, cuckolding is a very female led sexual relationship in which the woman who is called a “cuckoldress” is free to have sex with any. He pulls her nightie off and grabs her soft tits, squeezing them as Susan rides him harder.

Then I ran my fingers through his warm product and presented them for him to lick. Today my very lucky & equally pathetic cuck bitch hand delivered me a £ cash tribute along with a.

But I knew too that I was being good with and for Ellie. She had made me into cucckoldress cum dump cuckold drudge for Her and Sir. Perched on the edge of my bed she leant over and kissed me.

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I knew it was wrong, but Steve and I had only been dating a few weeks, nothing was official yet. You feel so good! In this personal narrative, as well as other posts on this blog, I will refer to cuckolding and hotwifing in very board, interchangeable terms. I thought she feared that I might walk away from Neil and even Ellie. He could feel moisture there, so he thrust an exploratory tip of his finger between her vaginal lips.

Kneeling there my ears strained to hear Goddess and Sir talking above the TV sound.

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I also wanted an emotional connection. Cuckoldress features cuckold blog, hotwife stories, celebrity cuckolds plus Cuckoldress advice column and cuckolding history.

I was. In this bi cuckold story, she sets out on a mission to seduce him into opening up his holes for her bull. I was always to pull open my pussy lips and let him see the peachy moist interior before he pushed inside of me and made me gasp beneath him. Obviously Margaret had gone to the bathroom to remove it so she could give it to me and let me know that Gary now had open access to her dripping snatch.

Cuckold stories

I remember that we flooded the room with words, with thoughts, with requirements. His cock was hard and available for anyone to see also. Maybe Sir might want to slap you too" Goddess and Sir went to relax leaving me to my work, When you finish that you can come and kneel at my feet to say your Sunday Prayers! I would eat the cum from Her hand and I would do it willingly just to please Her.

The first part explores how the idea of cuckoldrfss came up and how a long, thick, dildo opened their eyes to shories pleasures of someone else fucking her. We were gazing through the sliding glass door, invisible to the occupants within.

Reducing your husband (cuckoldress living)

It was an audacious requirement. Sexually, on the other hand…. Before we continue that story though its worth stores I think what I wanted from this.